Ssassy aims to become a One Planet Global Leader with Bioregional

As part of our mission to become an endorsed sustainable developer, we are working with Bioregional to create a ‘One Planet Living’ action plan for the Springfield Meadows site. We hope that this will then be endorsed by Bioregional as a One Planet Living Global Leader.

Bioregional works with developers to champion a holistic approach to new-build communities. Our business operations work within their One Planet Living guidelines to ensure that all of our developments are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and are landscape-lead to respect existing nature in the area. We also aim to build thriving communities across our schemes, making them good for people as well as the planet.

As a One Planet Global Leader, we must develop an exceptional, world-leading response to the challenge of achieving One Planet Living, by creating our own One Planet Action Plan for Springfield Meadows. The key focus is to achieve zero carbon energy as an urgent response to tackling climate change.

We will also be working to minimise private-fossil fuelled transport both in the development phase, and by changing the choices made by residents; promoting and incorporating local food in the scheme; ensuring maximum biodiversity; working with local parishes to engage them around One Planet Living, and attracting like-minded buyers to the development.

Ssassy Director, Clive Maple, said:

“We take our commitment to nature and sustainable housing seriously and already use One Planet Living as a guideline when designing new developments and regeneration projects, so achieving One Planet Global Leader status with Bioregional at Springfield Meadows will endorse the work we do and prove that we practise what we preach.”

Our work with Bioregional includes a series of workshops that will help us access the benefits of sustainable living to create a healthy, happy, zero carbon community at Springfield Meadows. In our continued work as a sustainable, nature-focused developer, we are also an Investor in Wildlife member with Berks, Bucks, and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust.

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