Building your custom build home at Springfield Meadows

Ssassy helps to create properties and places that are sustainable, functional, innovative and stylish. We are committed to developing quality new homes that we would be happy to live in ourselves, and which will contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. 

We talk about custom build homes at Springfield Meadows – but what does that really mean? Our plots are designed to be customised by the buyer to suit their lifestyle and needs. That might mean more bedrooms, alternative floorplans, lowered kitchen surfaces, or even a home cinema. 

Here are our six steps to custom building your home at Springfield Meadows.

  1. Select your Plot and Complete Your Reservation 

The layout and external appearance of all homes at Springfield Meadows is pre-determined, with the aim of creating a harmonious overall design. The high thermal performance standards of all homes ensure that utility bills are minimised, with the additional benefit of reduced impact on the planet. 

Our team will talk you through the different house-types and provide guidance on what works best for you. Once you have made a decision and agreed key terms you will enter the reservation process to formally secure your plot (see separate document). From reservation, you will have a period of up to 28 days to make your choices to get to a design freeze.

  1. Decide if you want the second-floor expansion space 

All the pitched roof homes (i.e. all homes except for Plots 17, 19, 22 and 23) have the option of creating a second floor in the roof space, giving the potential to add extra rooms to your home. You can opt to have this additional space fully finished on completion, or you can choose to have a roof structure that enables later expansion. This will require planning consent, which we are confident can be achieved.

  1. Choose your Layout 

Each house-type has two layout options for the ground floor, two for the first-floor, and (where relevant) two for the second-floor space. A small number of homes also have a third option for the ground floor, which is well-suited for a self-contained apartment.

These layouts have been chosen to work with the structure and servicing of the home, but you can always decide to use your spaces for different purposes than those suggested on our plans. 

  1. Focus on Your Kitchen and Bathroom 

The areas where purchasers have the biggest choice are the kitchen and bathroom. We have engaged two key partners who are ideally suited to providing a significant range of choice: Tara Neil for kitchens (along with fitted bedroom furniture) and Porcelanosa for bathrooms (and tiles). 

Tara Neil offers a range of kitchen styles and, whilst we have selected a contemporary range, you can decide to go for a more traditional approach. You can also decide to change your white goods, but we would strongly encourage you to stick with A++ rated goods for top levels of energy efficiency. 

Tara Neil is also our partner for fitted bedroom options. They have designed a fit-out for dressing room areas that comes as standard, but you can change this choice and/or extend to fitted bedroom cupboards in other areas. 

In both cases, these partners have provided us with designs and specifications of high quality, but you can work with our partners to alter the style, layout and specification within the structural and servicing limitations of the house.

  1. Make Choices on Flooring and Wall Tiles 

Flooring and wall tile decisions will have a big impact on the look and character of your home. Our selected partners will provide high quality floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, with engineered timber floors in all other living areas and carpets in first and second floor areas. 

For tiles, we have again selected Porcelanosa as our partner. Together we have chosen a range of tiles for both floors and walls, and samples of these can be viewed in our show suite on site at Springfield Meadows. We will soon be announcing our timber floor partner.

6. Consider Other Internal Options 

There is a wide range of other opportunities for shaping your own home if you have additional budget. This includes interior design options such as alternative wall colours and finishes, upgraded lighting, and bespoke stairs.

Home gyms and cinemas, garage fit outs, and car charging pods are all available, as well as additional rooflights, and balcony windows for the second floor.

All of our homes are fitted with smart technology to increase comfort and reduce energy usage, but there are further options for additional smart home functionality, and home batteries.

  1. Think About a Garden Package 

Gardens at Springfield Meadows come in a range of shapes and sizes, but most of them are very generous by modern development standards. Each plot will be finished with turf and high-quality boundary treatment complete with hedging, but you may wish to go for additional features or even a fully designed garden package. 

We have partnered with Tendercare, a leading garden designer and contractor based in Denham, who are open to discuss your personal vision for your plot, and provide their own creative input as required.

It might sound like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to be. Customer choice is core to our ethos, as it means homeowners will be happier in their new home, and won’t have the extra expense and hassle (or create the extra waste) associated with retro-fitting. 

Sounds good? Speak with a member of the Ssassy team to discuss your options today.

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