Carbon Neutral Homes Are Possible!

In this Episode of Sustainability Champions, our very own Ian Pritchett, Co-Founder and Director of Ssassy Property and Greencore Construction and Champion of Making Sustainable Homes speaks to Daniel Hartz.

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On a global scale, households are responsible for 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Building housing with energy and carbon efficiency in mind, doesn’t only benefit the planet, it also saves families a lot of money. Whether it’s better insulation and airflow, green energy providers or solar panels on roofs, gardens and more green areas for higher biodiversity, the list of ways to improve construction is endless. 

Unfortunately, the average construction of a home emits about 50-60 tons of greenhouse gas. As we’ve seen with many other products and ventures, the possibilities exist for construction and homes to be carbon neutral, or even carbon negative. 

Ssassy Property is a property development firm that constructs sustainable, efficient and beautifully designed homes in and around Oxfordshire. Following the philosophy of Greencore Construction, they build high performance, low carbon buildings using natural materials (predominantly hemp, lime and timber). Listen to this Episode to find out about the amazing difference thoughtful property development can make, and why carbon negative homes are even possible!

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