Exceptional Buildings with Greencore Construction

On 18 July, Ssassy Director, Ian Pritchett, presented at Bioregional’s Exceptional Buildings educational open day at the Eco Business Centre at the UK’s first eco-town development in Bicester.

Ian spoke on behalf of Greencore Construction, exploring how a social and environmental conscience, a scientific approach, and beautiful design can be compatible when it comes to building. He said:

“The First World needs to be at zero carbon by 2035 and the whole world by 2050, but whichever way you look at it we are on a trajectory to a low carbon economy, which is really exciting as it opens up all sorts of opportunities.”

The Bicester Eco Business Centre is a true zero carbon building, with methods for reducing water usage, and ambitious modal shift targets. Its concrete frame is built with timber infill and newspaper insulation. The town centre location reduces the need for commuting, as residents can live next to their workplace and local schools. 

To find out more about the UK’s first eco-town and the Exceptional Buildings event, watch this short video by Videoworkx. To learn more about Greencore, and how their zero carbon methods will make Springfield Meadows a zero carbon development, visit our website.

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