Springfield Meadows recognised for demonstrating global leadership in One Planet Living

Springfield Meadows has been recognised by international sustainability charity Bioregional for demonstrating global leadership in One Planet Living®. 

We have been working in line with Bioregional’s One Planet Living®  framework, which takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. At its core are ten simple principles that cover all aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainability, ranging from ‘health and happiness’ to ‘zero carbon energy’. 

Nicole Lazarus, Head of One Planet Living at Bioregional said:

“We are extremely impressed with how Ssassy Property has used the One Planet Living framework to ensure they create a wonderful community that will enable people to live truly sustainable lives. 

I’m particularly struck by how much personally they have put into this – they have really demonstrated the scale of ambition and the sheer determination necessary to achieve a net zero carbon UK by 2030. But more importantly, they have proved to all other developers and housebuilders that true zero-carbon development can be done.” 

Sustainable features of the development include:

  • All homes will have zero carbon emissions when in use, with solar photovoltaic panels and connection to green electricity for surplus demand
  • An innovative construction system, which uses a combination of timber, wood fibre and hemp in the manufacturing process, will reduce the emissions arising from construction by approximately 100% compared to a standard home in the UK. This will save around 1250 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions across the site – the equivalent of taking 250 cars off the road for a year.
  • Sustainable forms of transport incentivised: Free bus vouchers will be provided in the first year, and a car-club with some electric vehicles will be set up
  • Affordability for local people: A third of homes will be affordable housing

Ssassy Property Director, Russell Govan, said:

“We are delighted to receive this recognition from Bioregional. Through our development in Oxfordshire, we have shown that you can achieve 2030 carbon targets in 2019, with a sustainable construction process and homes that are sensibly priced. Sustainability and zero carbon housing is at the centre of our business and we are now looking to bring the One Planet Living approach to other residential property opportunities elsewhere in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley region.”

Springfield Meadows is designed to minimise dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and enable residents to live sustainably, in harmony with nature and within the Earth’s resources. The 25 custom-build homes allow buyers to fit the internal layout of their home to their needs and lifestyles, and combine rural living with access to nearby city amenities – it is located just seven miles from Abingdon and 11 miles from the centre of Oxford.

.Ivana, a Ssassy Property customer

For more information about Springfield Meadows and its sustainability credentials, visit the project page here.

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