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Springfield Meadows

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Sustainability is critical to us through out our construction process and in our custom build homes. All 25 eco homes at Springfield Meadows will be built by our partner, Greencore, who build each home to Passivhaus energy efficiency standards. Furthermore, the team use hemp-lime insulation in their Biond building system to keep heat the right side of the barrier whatever the season.

Meet the residents: Steve and Abby, Harpenden

The Ssassy Standard

However, we haven’t stopped there. We want to do more than the expected, so we have created the Ssassy Standard. Our standard is one of the leaders in its field and is well above regulatory requirements. Using this, we aim to make each home at Springfield Meadows net zero-energy in use i.e. each home will be designed to generate as much energy across the year as it uses. By applying the Ssassy Standard across all elements of our property development process, we have created a unique offering to deliver outstanding environmental performance in your home.

What are we doing to achieve that?

Many things including:

  • Use of high quality Kebony timber cladding – the Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the properties of sustainable softwood
  • Insulated raft sub-structure using low carbon concrete
  • Biond- a low-carbon, closed panel, timber frame construction system insulated with Lime-Hemp and natural fibre insulation to achieve equivalent of Passivhaus Air-tightness below 1 air change per hour
  • For pitched-roof homes- hand-made clay tiles with roof-integrated PV panels
  • For flat-roof homes- EDPM single ply membrane with upstanding PV panels
  • Aluminum powder-coated gutters and downpipes
  • Cold roof with insulated loft hatch/ladder and 5m2 of boarding
  • Generously sized windows and glazed doors for good natural light
  • High performance triple-glazed, timber windows
  • Solid, thermally efficient, front door
  • Low carbon heat from heat pumps serving under floor heating and domestic hot water
  • Electric under floor heating to the first floor bathrooms
  • Photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity from sunlight
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, which provides fresh, warm air by capturing the heat from the exhaust air from the house
  • LED downlighters to all rooms
  • A dedicated circuit to allow for future installation of a car-charging pod.

Are we missing anything? Is there something else that we can use? Is there more we could do? Tell us!