Pioneering Future Property Development – how to make zero carbon house building a reality

Ssassy Director, Ian Pritchett, has been invited to talk at two key industry events in November about Ssassy’s approach to house building and how to achieve 2050 carbon targets in 2019.

On 18th November, Ian will be taking to the stage at an Oxford Development Plans event hosted by Built Environment Networking (BEN) at Oxford’s Town Hall to share some of his wealth of wisdom on the topic of zero carbon development. 

Over the next few years Oxfordshire is gearing up for unprecedented growth and development. Unless we build to the standards used by Ssassy we will be adding massively to emissions and reduce our chances of avoiding catastrophic climate change. 

The event will be an opportunity to hear the views of a range of industry figures on plans for development in Oxfordshire. Ian will be delivering a talk that he hopes will reinforce the importance of low carbon construction, and Ssassy Property’s aims to deliver climate-positive schemes. If you’d like to see Ian in action, you can attend the event here.

The next day, Ian will be speaking at the Good Homes Alliance conference on 19th November about how to deliver net-zero carbon homes. The conference will be an opportunity for all those attending to discuss policy and challenges surrounding the Future Homes standard. The UK Government has recently stated its ambition that by 2025 all new homes should meet a Future Homes standard, which will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency. Ian will be giving a talk that will seek to inspire and inform on how to deliver net-zero carbon homes now. 

Here at Ssassy, we believe that by attending events like these and getting the word out about the impact of sustainable housing, we can truly make a difference to our built environment and our planet. If you would like to be a part of the low carbon revolution, get involved by taking a look at our sustainable homes at Springfield Meadows. Landowners can also get involved by getting in touch to discuss how we could transform your land into a legacy of beautifully-designed, low-impact homes in a nature-rich environment.

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