Building a zero carbon home with Greencore Construction

Our Springfield Meadows site will be a haven of low carbon homes. All 25 properties are being built by our sustainable construction partner, Greencore, including the nine affordable homes with Sovereign Housing. Sovereign Housing have previously worked with Greencore at Kings Farm Close in Oxfordshire.

In this new video by Sovereign Housing, Ian Pritchett, Director of both Ssassy Property and Greencore Construction, demonstrates how all of the homes at Springfield Meadows will be zero carbon, not just in the building process, but throughout their lifetime.

Greencore use bio-based materials such as timber, hemp, and woodfibre, which all lock in CO2. This fabric-first method means all Greencore homes are designed for the future, offering owners the ability to live more energy efficiently. Homes like this will see energy bills and CO2 emissions dramatically reduced, as there will be little need for heating.

Altogether, these features create pride in the community and pride in the home. Linda, who lives in a zero carbon home through Sovereign Housing at Kings Farm Close, said:

“I love my new home… it’s so different to where I used to live. Having this new home for myself and my family… has given us a new lease of life. We feel really comfortable and relaxed here with very little stress – it’s just a good place to be.”

To find out how you can buy your own zero carbon home at Springfield Meadows, visit the Springfield Meadows webpage and register your interest now.

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