The UK’s most sustainable housing development – as seen in national press

Last month our development in Oxfordshire, Springfield Meadows, received mainstream media coverage as ‘The UK’s most sustainable housing development’. We were the subject of articles in The Mail Online, The Metro, The Sun, and The Daily Star for our exemplary commitment to zero carbon construction and our eco-friendly features. 

The media interest started with an interview with Director Ian Pritchett published in The Oxford Mail. The interview was about how Ssassy Property, together with Greencore Construction, minimise carbon emissions during the construction and use of the 25 homes at Springfield Meadows. 

Ian explained how the homes at Springfield Meadows are built using Greencore’s Biond Building System, which consists of a closed panel timber frame insulated with lime-hemp. This has a natural “phase-change” property to buffer temperature changes, along with natural fibre insulation made from waste timber, all made in a local factory near Wheatley. 

Ian went on to say:

“Our houses are all electric and generate electricity from PV [photo-voltaic] panels which can be stored in a battery or used as it is generated. We combine this with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and mini heat pumps to generate the heating and hot water.”

These eco-friendly features were the basis of the Tier One press coverage which followed Ian’s interview. We’re proud to have Springfield Meadows featured as the UK’s most sustainable housing development, and invite, challenge, and encourage other housing developers to rival the sustainability of Springfield Meadows. If more of us meet 2050 carbon targets in the next few years then the built environment has the power to drastically reduce our impact on the planet. 

Learn more about how we are delivering 2050 targets today in the original Interview with Ian

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