Ssassy Property Director, Ian Pritchett, showcases the future of innovative and sustainable homes at Exceptional Buildings

On Thursday 18th July, Ian Pritchett, Director of both Ssassy Property and Greencore Construction, will be talking at Exceptional Buildings, an event showcasing the future of innovative sustainable building projects, at the greenest office in Oxfordshire, Bicester Eco Business Centre

The event focuses on the future of sustainability in Oxfordshire’s built environment, and is run by Bioregional, who we are working in partnership with to become a One Planet Global Leader. Attendees will take a guided tour of the Eco Business Centre, which will be the home of Oxfordshire Greentech – a business network for the low-carbon future – and visit the UK’s first Eco Town development, Elmsbrook. 

Inspirational organisations in the low-carbon construction sector and like-minded individuals will have the chance to network. Ian Pritchett will be presenting alongside some of the industry’s leading innovators, including Lee Fordham from Architype and Kate Brown from Bright Green Studios/Atamate. This group will afford a vital forum for industry professionals to explore commercial collaborations and share knowledge on how to make buildings cleaner and smarter. 

With over 30 years experience in construction, Ian Pritchett will discuss how a social and environmental conscience, a scientific approach and beautiful design can be compatible when it comes to building. Having worked on over 250 eco-houses and 50 non-domestic eco-buildings, Ian has pioneered the use of sustainable materials in the new building sector. As a result, Ian has been one of the leading authorities on hemp-lime construction for the last 15 years. 

Ian Pritchett said:

“Oxfordshire is paving the way for sustainable construction in this country, showcasing properties, developments, and whole towns that put eco-development at the forefront of sustainable building. Oxfordshire Greentech is inviting all SMEs involved in the built environment sector to come and be inspired by local organisations that are leading the way in green building.”

Bicester Eco Business Centre is the first commercial building in the UK to achieve the new Passivhaus Plus standard and has received the BREEAM excellent certificate. That means it’s part of the top 10% of new non-domestic buildings in the UK, boasting absolute zero carbon emissions. According to Passivhaus, the building generates as much energy as the building consumes, thanks to solar panels and Architype’s fabric-first approach. 

Ssassy Property is proud to be part of a network of organisations that are equally committed to achieving zero-carbon far sooner than the government’s target of 2050. It’s why we work with partners like Greencore Construction, who help us minimise environmental damage caused by housing developments. We are excited to meet like-minded individuals who have the same mission and together, we will build the future of sustainability. 

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