Ssassy pioneers a partnership with BBOWT

Ssassy have joined forces with Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) in a ground-breaking partnership to maximise opportunities for nature at their new development at Springfield Meadows. 

BBOWT will provide advice, strategy and interventions to maximise the potential for wildlife at Springfield Meadows. They will then monitor the results over a 5 year period, so that we can assess the impact and success of the different elements. As part of their role in the partnership, BBOWT will communicate regular updates to our residents and request feedback on the impact of the scheme. In addition, all our residents will get two years’ free membership of the Trust.

Our designs are nature and landscape lead, which ensures that they are sympathetic to the natural environment. One way we hope to achieve this is through the creation of habitats such as hedgerows, orchards, wildlife ponds, wildflower verges, bug hotels, and more. BBOWT will help optimise and offer advice on these habitats.

Commenting on this unique initiative, Matthew Stanton, Head of Planning, Policy and Advocacy at BBOWT said:

“One of the biggest challenges we face in the UK today is how to build homes for people without wreaking havoc on our environment and wildlife. We cannot hope to create a world in which both people and wildlife can thrive if we do not create places where both people and wildlife can live harmoniously.” 

By partnering with BBOWT we aim to leverage their local expertise to make Springfield Meadows as nature-rich as possible, with a commitment to future joint working with the Trust.

The logo for Springfield Meadows features a Common Blue Butterfly, which represents our commitment to enhancing biodiversity through high-quality, sustainable designs. Conveying this message to all residents at Springfield Meadows will be part of BBOWT’s role in the partnership.

Find out more about how you could be a part of the thriving community and vibrant ecology of Springfield Meadows here.

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