Ssassy Property on BBC Politics South – Doing things differently

The built environment contributes to 40% of the total carbon emissions created by the UK. So, as a nation are we doing as much as we can to reduce the carbon footprint of home construction?

We would say no. 

Earlier last week, we invited BBC Politics South to our site in Southmoor to show how we are doing things differently and the item aired last Sunday. Reporter, Beth Nimmo visited Springfield Meadows where James Pritchett, Ssassy’s Associate Director, showed her the current construction, our two finished homes, and explained how we achieve net-zero carbon during construction through an innovative timber panel construction system, which uses hemp- lime and wood fibre as insulation.

In the report, James discussed the need to be net-zero carbon during construction and net-zero energy in use to create homes fit for the future. He went into detail about the restrictions housebuilders face when applying for planning permission for small features such as solar PV and how local government doesn’t factor in eco credentials during this process.

To listen to the feature stream the episode here starting at 12m43s.

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