UK Housebuilder podcast features Ssassy’s role at the forefront of sustainable house building

Listen to Gerard Ball’s popular podcast “The UK Housebuilder ‘From Good to Great’ Series” and hear our Director, Ian Pritchett explain exactly how we are working at the forefront of sustainable house-building. As an expert in the field of sustainable construction, and with 20 years’ experience working in historic building restoration, Ian has unique knowledge of the ins and outs of low carbon property development. 

In the podcast, Gerard and Ian discuss Ian’s personal career, the urgency for the UK to step up to the environmental mark, and how Ssassy Property are smashing carbon targets years ahead of the rest of the UK. They go into detail about how Ian is pioneering zero-carbon construction through balancing higher energy materials with bio-based materials to offset the carbon used in construction and create zero-carbon homes. 

During the interview, Ian commented that:

“It’s unlikely that we will see commercial organisations doing it [low-carbon construction] voluntarily. Most lay people don’t understand the subtlety of embodied carbon, carbon foot-printing and carbon emissions; and as the housing market isn’t the same as other markets, with normal supply and demand balances, people will choose houses according to location and price rather than energy performance. Therefore, we need proper legislation to meet carbon targets.”

To listen to the interview stream the episode here.

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